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Motsak Drone Manufacturing company's team has been actively involved in the research and development activities in military equipment, drones, defense products in Armenia. Company comprises of engineers and developers with more than 10 years of experience and international expertise in the sector. Various products developed by the team has been exported to more than 4 countries as well as used by the Armed Forces of Republic of Armenia.




Motsak Military Drones Manufacturing in Armenia


Global spending on unmanned aerial vehicles is poised for a major expansion in the coming decade as militaries invest about $98 billion in new intelligence gathering and strike capabilities. Given the rise in territorial disputes in the world and the increase of military budgets even amid and post-COVID19, the demand for UAVs is rising exponentially. Additionally, Armenia’s strategy to reform its defense system with a primary focus on drones manufacturing, makes it essential to have in-house drone manufacturing. Motsak strike drone is the semi-automatic weapon of the third generation, where the operator only needs to indicate the coordinates of the target. A simple, relatively inexpensive, effective weapon that can be used in various types of forces. Hand-launching and small dimensions make it possible to launch from the ground, from a shelter, from moving and stationary objects, even for soldiers who have not undergone special training. Ready and start-up in 1 minute. One soldier can launch many drones alone where the third party is unable to determine the start point. There are two versions of the model. Both models are made of composite radio-transparent materials and, due to their small dimensions, are difficult to detect by radars. Amongst the advantages of Motsak are relatively low cost of manufacturing, autonomous mission execution after launch doesn't depend on the launch site, and many more.

Required investments


622 400 000֏



Motsak Drone Manufacturing LLC


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