Product registration through Invest in AM Business Platform covering its features, price, minimum order, target markets and other relevant information automatically places it in our online export catalogue which is available to potential importers worldwide. You can choose either annual or semi-annual registration plan and submit unlimited number of products.

Businesses and importers interested in your product can directly contact you through the platform and place an order. In case your company has limited capacity to carry out the export on your own it is possible to request export facilitation from our team.

Registration of an unlimited number of products 

Separate company page with all your products presented in the form of products catalog

Access to importers worldwide through Invest in AM Network

Affordable placement in export catalog starting 5000 AMD per month 



Register your company and export products.



Choose either annual plan of 65.000 AMD or semi-annual plan of 35.000 AMD and finalize registration.



Receive approval from our team within 72 hours and make the one-time payment of the submission fee based on the plan of your choice.



Being now placed in our export catalogue, receive orders from abroad and expand your exports.


Best Value

Annual Plan

Unlimited products submission for 1 year

65 000֏

~ 5 500֏

/ per month

Half Year Plan

Unlimited products submission for half year

35 000֏

~ 6 000֏

/ per month


Invest in AM platform is one in its type tool for Armenian producers to enter foreign markets.

Derek Demirjian

Export Manager, Siena LLC

What does unlimited products within 1 product category imply?

Let’s say you’ve chosen a semi-annual plan with the fee 35 000 AMD which implies unlimited items submission within 1 product category. The 35 000 AMD is а one-time payment per 1 product category not per 1 product type. For example, you can choose the product category of “Clothing & Textile” and add unlimited products of jackets, skirts, shoes, coats, etc. The payment will be fixed 35 000 AMD. In other cases when the company is engaged in the production of more than one product category, e.g. 3 different categories: “Clothes & Textile products”, “Alcohol and cigarettes”, “Fruits & Berries”, it will be possible to add unlimited products in each category, but the final payment will be 35 000 x 3 = 105 000 AMD. 

What happens after product submission and payment of the fee?

Within 72 hours our team evaluates your submission and either approves or disapproves it. The money is withdrawn only after the approval. Followed by presentation of your products in our export catalogue.

Can I add more products in the same category after the approval ?

Yes, in case they are in the same product category. Let’s say you've purchased semi-annual plan for “Clothing & Textile” on 01.01.2022 which expires on 01.06.2022 and added 2 items of jackets and 5 items of coats. In case, in the period between January-June of 2022 you want to add another item, let’s say trousers, you can do so from your Invest in AM profile page free of charge.

Can I edit information on the products submitted after they already have the approval?

Yes, you can edit price, product information, photos 3 times during your plan period. For the latter, you need to apply to the admin of Invest in AM.

Is 35.000 AMD semi-annual or 65.000 AMD annual fees imply one-time payment, are there any other payments afterwards?

Yes, those are one-time payments. Upon registration of all your products, you have to choose one of the plans: annual or semi-annual. Based on your choice you make the one-time payment of 35.000 AMD or 65.000 AMD which is equivalent to a monthly payment of 5000-6000 AMD. Upon expiration of a 6-month or 1 year period, you can always renew your plan. 7 days prior to expiration you will receive a notification email with all the instructions. Once businesses in our database start to contact you to place the order of your products, we receive automatic notification and aim to facilitate the process. Every 3 months, you report your sales recorded with the help of Invest in AM platform. In case the transaction takes place, you will need to pay Invest in AM 5% commission fee from the first sales. In case no transaction through the platform took place, no commission is due.

How do you help find importers of my products and can you help me with organization of exports?

Invest in AM has a huge network of businesses in more than 40 countries. Your products information is distributed to them on the constant basis through our mailing list. Additionally, anyone who check the export catalogue can directly contact you through our platform and place the order. Their letters are also automatically sent to Invest in AM team so as we can keep the track of the proces. Yes, we can help with organization of exports. Invest in AM has partner companies that provide services of exports organization for a separate fee.

How exactly Invest in AM knows the amount of my company’s sales with the help of Invest in AM platform?

Every 3 months you receive an e-mail notification to do the reporting by filling out the respective excel file. You fill out the sales figures through the platform, based on which the commission fee is calculated. As we receive automatic notification when a business contacts you, we check the information you’ve provided with our business partners. In case you have provided false information and tried to hide some of the generated income through our platform, you’ll have to pay both the commission fee and the fines.

Still have more questions?

Additional FAQ and billing details can be found in our terms and conditions page. If you have any further questions you can contact us at any time at [email protected]

Still have more questions?