Invest in Armenia is a B2B platform by Invest in AM CJSC that bridges investment offers in Armenia with 1000+ potential investors, as well as Armenian exporting companies with potential buyers from 100+ countries. Invest in AM CJSC shareholders come from more than 11 countries with the main shareholders being Hovsep Patvakanyan and Aram Kayfajyan from Armenia. Invest Armenia is your turn-to-company on a comprehensive list of business consultancy services ranging from starting a business in Armenia to business plan development and implementation.


Investment Projects Catalogue contains investment projects in Armenia that are looking for funds. Each individual page has information on the investment project, company, investments required, business plan, etc. Any company or person who has developed an investment offer can submit it in our catalogue and get access to potential investors interested to invest in the project.


Export Products Catalogue of Invest in AM CJSC contains Armenian products ready to be exported to 100+ countries. Each individual page has information on the company, export experience, product, its minimum order and starting price. Any Armenian company can submit its product in our catalogue that we disseminate amongst our partners in different countries.


Armenia is considered to be one of the least tax burden countries in Eastern Europe where tax reporting is fully digital and straightforward. With the help of our tax calculator, enter your business data: sector of operation, expected annual sales and profit, number of employees and it will calculate the annual tax burden for your business. You can also access the guidelines on tax regimes available in Armenia and check various tax break schemes that can be applicable for the business of your interest.


You are an Armenian producer and want to know where to export your products? Our Export Potential Calculator will advise you Top 25 countries with highest export potential of your product along with the tariffs. And if you are a potential investor or want importer of Armenian products and want to know which Armenian products can be exported to the destination of your choice, then our Export Potential Calculator will advise you Top 25 Armenian products with highest export potential in the given market that can be exported to the country of your choice.


If you are about to launch а business in Armenia and have many questions on how to obtain construction permit, getting electricity, gas connection, register property rights, etc, the E-Regulations tool will help you find answers to all those questions. In E-regulations section, you can choose the regulation of your interest and check step by step procedures along with required documents, addresses of relevant state bodies, fees, waiting time and other important information that will help you to have a better and more systematic understanding of all your further steps.


You can submit something new about your product or company to Invest in AM CJSC, let us know about exciting information you would like to share and appear on our web-page and social networks. You can share any non-political news that don’t contain announcements of sales or simple descriptive text of the product/company. Examples can be the opening of your factory, introduction of new products, start of exports of your products, research results, etc.


Invest in AM CJSC provides a wide range of consultancy services including but not limited to business plan development, registering business in Armenia, obtaining permits for business operation, registering factories, tax reporting, investment guidance, legal consultancy. Invest in AM CJSC can be your first to go company on A to Z matters that are of interest to your business.


Our team would love to meet you and hear you out, we are ready to be your first to go company on doing business in Armenia


Flexible taxation, access to 1.5 bln. market customs free, fast business registration and 0 capital requirement to start business, agreements both with Eurasian Economic Union and European Union.
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