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Motsak Military Drones Manufacturing in Armenia

Required investments


622 400 000֏

Cost of the project

1 361 500 000֏

EBIТDA Margin/profitability


Company’s Annual Sales

>1 167 000 000֏

Share in the company if one invests the required money


Number of employees

Payback period

Min. ticket size $160,000 ֏ 76,880,000: The prototype is developed, tested and licensed by both Ministry of Defense and Ministry of High Technologies in Armenia. The initial agreement has been reached for import of the raw materials and equipment for serial manufacturing. Manufacturing capacity: 100 drones/per month. *This section is for informational purposes only to provide communication between the Armenian entrepreneurs seeking financial resources and persons owning those resources. The information on this site does not constitute an offer to purchase securities. Specific investment mechanisms are not proposed, they will be discussed by the above mentioned stakeholders.

About company

Motsak Drone Manufacturing company's team has been actively involved in the research and development activities in military equipment, drones, defense products in Armenia. Company comprises of engineers and developers with more than 10 years of experience and international expertise in the sector. Various products developed by the team has been exported to more than 4 countries as well as used by the Armed Forces of Republic of Armenia.

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