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Company Overview

"Shamshadin Eco Meat" Production Cooperative was established in 2019 in Navur community, Tavush region of Armenia. It is currently engaged in the production of meat products and also in pig farming. "Shamshadin Eco Meat" produces meat products made of selected local, high-quality organic meat. The Company avoids using chemical supplements in the production process to produce exclusively ecologically clean meat products. Тhe Company currently produces 4 types of products: “ Salo ’’ pork fat, pork ham Bichina ”, basturma and beef sujuk. As well as different types of honey.




Shamshadin Eco Meat Production Expansion


According to the Armenian Statistical Office, within the last 5 years the export of products from meat, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and other marine invertebrates increased by a CAGR of 24.3%. The total production volume of meat sausages from January to September 2021 was 9,953.9 tons growing by 18.4%. Given the growing demand for meat products both in Armenia, as well as in neighboring Georgia and Russia, there is a need for Eco Meat Cooperative to expand. The Company owns real estate in Tavush province for meat production, which is required to be renovated and expanded to ensure higher yield both in monetary and volume terms. The expansion upon the availability of investments can be completed within 6 months. The preliminary agreements on the equipment purchase have been reached. The company will also expand its products portfolio by adding production of sausages, semi-cooked products, beef products, as well a new assortment in the existing pork products line. The distance between the Company and the nearest residential area is 300m and 700m from the main road. The company uses local raw materials, herbs and spices, and tree branches for smoked meat products in making high-quality organic meat products. It purchases meat from the local farmers for the same price all year round. Meat production is accompanied by a livestock permit. Intended meat passes through acceptance, surveillance, additional cleaning, and washing. The Company does not use any kind of chemical preservatives to extend its product’s shelf life. The nutrition period is 6 months. The overall monthly capacity for the Company is 165,000 kg and the total annual capacity is 1,980,000 kg. The monthly capacities range from 3,000 to 30,000 kg. The products with the highest production volumes are milk sausage, sausage "medical" and sardelka with natural membrane. Some of the products with the lowest capacities (i.e. a monthly production capacity of 3,000 kg) are the rural and kiev cutlets, kufta , kupati , smoked pork slab, etc. Overall, we could categorize the product types into 3 categories, those that produce low quantities at 3,000 kg per month, medium quantities at 9,000 kg per month, and high quantities at 30,000 kg per month.

Required investments


323 648 000֏



Shamshadin Eco Meat P/C


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