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Honey-based Eco Products Manufacturing

Required investments


265 006 250֏

Cost of the project

330 650 000֏

EBIТDA Margin/profitability


Company’s Annual Sales

389 000 000֏-1 167 000 000֏

Share in the company if one invests the required money


Number of employees

Payback period

Min. ticket size $200,000 ֏96,000,000. The land for the factory construction, as well as electricity, gas, water infrastructure, are available. The preliminary agreement on the import of equipment is available. *This section is for informational purposes only to provide communication between the Armenian entrepreneurs seeking financial resources and persons owning those resources. The information on this site does not constitute an offer to purchase securities. Specific investment mechanisms are not proposed, they will be discussed by the above mentioned stakeholders.

About company

"Shamshadin Eco Meat" Production Cooperative was established in 2019 in Navur community, Tavush region of Armenia. It is currently engaged in the production of meat products and also in pig farming. "Shamshadin Eco Meat" produces meat products made of selected local, high-quality organic meat. The Company avoids using chemical supplements in the production process to produce exclusively ecologically clean meat products. Тhe Company currently produces 4 types of products: “ Salo ’’ pork fat, pork ham Bichina ”, basturma and beef sujuk. As well as different types of honey.

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