The company has 12 mushroom growing rooms controlled by panels, champignons are grown on the flow line of the Dutch Christians Group. Eco fresh Mushrooms imported the compost which the mushroom grows from Holland, thanks to which they got 20 kg of harvest from 1 square meter, and now the company has decided to produce the compost independently.

In the production of compost, the company attracted about $1,000,000 in investment from the "Entrepreneur + State" investment fund of the National Interests of Armenia (ANIF). Due to the start of production, the cost of compost will decrease by approximately 40-50%, which will reduce the company's costs and increase profitability.

According to the investment project, the company will start compost production by March 2023, and already in the 2nd quarter, they will grow 60-62 tons of mushrooms per month on local raw materials. The export market, where there is a great demand for champignon and portobello, will be restored as a priority with the production restoration. The company has been exporting its products to the UAE for years, and now plans to increase exports there. Also, they plan to capture a larger share of the local market in favor of a cheaper cost.