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Trudent LLC is an IT company engaged in management system software development, with their ongoing product being a dental clinic management system to fully automate all aspects of documentation management in the dental clinics. Trudent runs entirely on the cloud.



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Trudent - Dental Clinic Management System


According to Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the global dental practice management software market for the historical period 2019-2022 and forecast period 2023-2029, value-added features in dental practice management software, software integration, and an increase in dental visits are projected to drive the global dental practice management software market during the forecast period. Hence, the business case for the development of Trudent. Trudent is a dental clinic management system, which helps to fully automate all aspects of documentation management. It allows to carry out patient registration and has employee, calendar, and warehouse sections. Trudent’s main advantage over its competitors is the fact that it runs entirely on the cloud. While competitors require dedicated PCs, maintenance, antivirus installation etc., the Trudent is acting fully on the cloud, allowing its clients to access services from every point on the globe without any software installation. In addition, Trudent has a responsive design. So, no matter what device you own, mobile, tablet, or desktop, you will find its UI attractive and useful. Trudent offers a straightforward subscription mechanism based on the client’s needs, its team size and offers flexible plans for each target group. Other than its main services, Trudent also offers a combination of useful modules, such as employees management, warehouse management, thorough cash flow reports/analysis, and flexible configuration over its features. At the moment, NPV of Trudent has been developed and tested. The company is looking for an investor to advance to phase 2 where they plan to include AI and machine learning to enhance Data Analysis and offer even more productive tools with its services.

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Truedent LLC


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Hacked By Lucifer2o2i