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Company Overview

ArmBasalt CJSC was established in 2014 and is engaged in the production of continuous basalt fiber in Armenia. The company possesses modern equipment and advanced technologies to produce continuous basalt fiber. It manufactures basalt roving to produce basalt rebar and reinforcing mesh, which surpasses metallic rebar and fiberglass rebar due to its technical characteristics. It also manufactures basalt fiber (chopped strands) and produces equipment to manufacture basalt rebars and reinforcing meshes. Nowadays, there is a demand in the market for the production of basalt tubes. Throughout the development of basic technologies, it is possible to inculcate the manufacture of a wide range of products, made of basalt, basalt canvas, and the application of the CBF in the automotive industry, aircraft industry, shipbuilding industry, as well as in the manufacture of bulletproof vests and other products.



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Armbasalt Factory Expansion


The basalt fiber market is steadily growing worldwide by an average of 13%. One of the growth drivers for basalt fibers is their superior performance compared to fiberglass. It demonstrates better chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and durability compared to fiberglass. Armbasalt factory is one of the leading producers of fiber in the region, where fiber is produced by the method of single-stage extraction from basalt melt with simultaneous processing of the primary thread (with special lubricants), in order to make the thread elastic and compatible with various types of resins: epoxy, epoxy-phenolic, phenol-formaldehyde, etc. Further, the complex yarns pass through a stage of partial drying and are transferred to processing for the production of roving. Roving undergoes full drying and is sent either to the customer, to weaving production to obtain fabric, or to the wheelhouse to obtain basalt chopped fiber (fiber), as well as to the production of fittings. Armbasalt also has a patent for the technology of its own development of continuous basalt fiber production Armbasalt's steady growth and contracts for exports in Russia, the Czech Republic, and other countries have created the need for its factory expansion to ensure the annual production of 5000 tons of basalt fiber versus its current annual capacity of 1080 tons. The overall project initiation foresees two stages of investments: - Stage I- aims to restart the production of basalt fiber roving with existing capacities, i.e. five melting furnaces in place. Meanwhile, modernization of the necessary equipment is envisaged, ensuring the reduction of production costs at this stage. - Stage II- aiming for significant expansion of production capacities up to 5,000 tons per annum, which means that 20 new furnaces will be established. This stage of investment includes also the construction of new warehouses, the purchase, and the installment of corresponding equipment for each furnace as a separate production line.

Required investments


2 228 970 000֏



ArmBasalt CJSC


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