"Electric Networks of Armenia" plans to supply electricity to Europe.  Group of companies "Tashir", which owns "ЕСА", intends to build a new thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 126 MW and a cost of more than $120 million in Noemberyan district of the republic, said the chairman of the board of directors of the company, Karen Darbinyan. The project, according to his words, will be aimed both at meeting the needs of electricity in Armenia and at exporting to other countries.

"Currently, we are waiting for the approval of the cabinet of Georgia to connect to the project of electricity transportation to European countries. In particular, we are talking about laying an electric cable on the bottom of the Black Sea for the supply of electricity from the region of the South Caucasus to Romania and further to Hungary. After receiving the "good" from the government, an agreement will be concluded and the construction process of the power plant will begin, which will last two years", Darbinyan emphasized.

The annual supply of electricity at the new TPP will amount to 1 billion kW/h.