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Company Overview

iQcom is a Swiss-Armenian joint venture with deep expertise in VoIP, cyber security, SDWAN networking, application design and deployment. Our team members have worked for leading ISPs in the public and private sectors over the past two decades, providing them with innovation, secure communications, application and service design worldwide. iQcom's primary focus is to improve and secure the collaboration and workflow of small to mid-sized businesses with cost-effective solutions. The company was formed in 2020 from the merger of pingSalabim (sole proprietorship), QuadCom Telecom Services (joint stock company) and qTeams (sole proprietorship). iQcom develops and operates its own SaaS solutions to provide SMBs and SMEs with cost-effective solutions that enable cybersecurity & automation. SDWAN & VPN connections with Crypto Core are our specialist subject: Protelion, qPBX, qteams & qShare are decentralized Work Anywhere solutions. OffGrid solutions from Bluetti & Powerfilms enable self-sufficiency.


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