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My Kidz Mobile Application




Required investments


27 230 000֏

Cost of the project

147 820 000֏

EBIТDA Margin/profitability


Company’s Annual Sales

21 395 000֏-87 525 000֏

Share in the company if one invests the required money


Number of employees

Payback period

Min. ticket size $35,000 ֏ 16,800,000. The company is looking for investments in the form of convertible notes. Prototype for Armenia is developed. *This section is for informational purposes only to provide communication between the Armenian entrepreneurs seeking financial resources and persons owning those resources. The information on this site does not constitute an offer to purchase securities. Specific investment mechanisms are not proposed, they will be discussed by the above mentioned stakeholders.

About company

MyKidz LLC has been established in the year 2020 and poses a platform that provides information on children's facilities, events, and many more. Mykidz is a one-in-its-type guide answering to all the necessary requests parents might have for their children: cultural engagement, sports events, hospitals, camps, leisure, education, etc. The Mykidz team comprises designers, developers, and educators. And has been working with a diverse focus group of parents to map all the needs they might have on their way to raising children.

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