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Medea Health




Required investments


31 120 000֏

Cost of the project

70 020 000֏

EBIТDA Margin/profitability


Company’s Annual Sales

<21 395 000֏

Share in the company if one invests the required money


Number of employees

Payback period

Non-adherence to medication is recognized as a worldwide public health problem with important implications for the management of chronic diseases, which affects every level of the population, particularly older adults, due to the high number of coexisting diseases and consequent polypharmacy. Estimated adherence rates to long-term medication regimens are about 50%, furthermore, surveys show that 69% of people confuse the time of medications, forget them, and sometimes even confuse the sequence. This is no less important because U.S. citizens aged 45-60 take seven medications daily on average. In addition, approximately one-third of U.S. children and adolescents take dietary supplements and vitamins. Taking into account the above-mentioned problems, there is a strong need to offer modern solutions to people in parallel with time and make the process that seems so complicated and unpleasant even easier, accessible and pleasant. The global Medication Adherence market was worth USD 2,668.1 million in 2021, and it is further projected to reach USD 5,562.3 million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.1% during 2022-2028. The field is saturated with either software-directed solutions or solely hardware solutions. Currently, a few to no products provide an opportunity to get the best of both worlds. Medea offers a product that incorporates both software features and hardware gadget. With these two aspects combined, medication intake can reach a new level with more sophisticated evaluations and greater effectiveness. Medea's minimalist and unique design aims to integrate into people's everyday lives. Magnetic triangular boxes have a special design that allows users to mix and match them, to attach them randomly to one another to create different shapes according to their preferences, thereby adding fun to the boring process of taking pills. Medea Smart Pillbox is designed for the whole family. It doesn't matter if you're taking your daily medication for a specific illness, supplements, or vitamins for prophylactic use, or if you just caught seasonal viruses, Medea is here for you. The app allows you to separate the boxes and you're all set, now each member of your family can enjoy the ease of this process. Medea smart pill organizer fits your heavy schedule as well. No need to always be around it. Grab the box with you to work or on a trip. It can stay active and work independently for over 48 hours. The required investment will be used for manufacturing, patent development, and product marketing.

About company

The Medea Smart Pill-Organizer is the first customizable minimalist medication organizer that makes it easy to organize your weekly pill plan in seconds, reminds you when your medication is due and notifies the caregivers and family if you missed the notification or your daily dosage. In addition to tracking the patient's medication progress over time, it also provides reports that can be shared with their caregivers and medical institutions. It provides new levels of control and organization of the medication process for both patients and caregivers, reducing guesswork and stress.

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