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Vogis Premium Gin Dry 700 ml․

Starting price per unit


11 281֏

Interested to export to

Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Exports now to

Armenia, Czech Republic, Russia

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About business

Vogis LLC was established in 2021 and is specializing in gin production in Armenia. Vogis's story has begun in the 80s when an Armenian scientist, Vardan Yavruyan, the author of the recipe was traveling in London and got to taste various types of gin. Upon his arrival back home, he embarked on journey to settle gin production in the country. He used juniper berries and coriander seeds which grow exclusively in the Armenian Highlands and have an unusual taste. He tried different methods and, finally, found the ideal recipe that conveyed the essence of the nature of Armenia. Despite the thorough investigations and detailed production plan, "Vogis" remained in the research papers. Years later, the younger members of the Yavruyan family found the Gin recipe in the scientific papers of their grandfather. After experimenting with the recipe, they reproduced the drink. The drink is made by a unique technique. All the ingredients are distilled separately in the copper alembic. Then, all the spirits get coupled and are aged under special conditions. The gin derived has an indescribable taste and delicate aroma.

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