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Sunland dried tomato with oil 0.5 kg.

Dried fruits



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4 668֏

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Belarus, China, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, United States

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Without added sugar, carefully dried in natural conditions. Protein -2.3 g; Carbohydrates -57.5 g, 256 kcal / 1072 kJ. Shelf life: 12 months.

About business

Sunland is located in the heart of the Ararat Valley, in one of the richest fertile lands in Armenia, and is engaged in dried fruits production. The dried fruits of the company are made from fruits and vegetables grown in ecologically clean areas of Ararat valley. The selected fruits are carefully dried in natural conditions with the help of wind. Due to the Ararat Valley's unique natural and climatic conditions and thorough scrupulous drying, the company's products have a truly unique quality and taste features. The production process takes 5-6 days, then the fruits are thoroughly washed and stored at +2 + 6C. The use of preservatives in the production process is minimized. Fruits are mostly dried without the preservative E220, but its use is necessary to ensure food safety in some cases.

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